All Early Intervention staff who will be providing direct billable service to children and families in the MA EI system, regardless of the number of hours per week they work are required to be certified through the MA Department of Public Health as an Early Intervention Specialist (EI Specialist) or Specialty Service Provider (SSP).

Certification of Early Intervention Specialists

CEIS allows DPH to ensure:

  • That all EI services for children and families are provided by qualified and credentialed personnel.
  • That all services submitted for reimbursement to payers, commercial insurers, and Mass Health are being provided by fully credentialed individuals who meet the Early Intervention Operational Standards for personnel.

There are 3 categories of certification for EI Specialists:

Certification of Early Intervention Directors

CEID is required for all EI Directors who have been working in that role at a Certified EI program for 3 years.