The Shishmanian Grant is an opportunity to support those involved in the Mass Early Intervention System with funding to expand their professional development while supporting the Massachusetts Early Intervention Mission and Key Principles.

Eunice Shishmanian, visionary and teacher

Grants are awarded each year to honor Eunice Shishmanian, whose vision and dedication to the needs of very young children and their families internationally, serve as a model for all of us. As a nurse, Eunice has devoted her career to Maternal Child Health initiatives and has been a leader in supporting families who have children experiencing developmental challenges. As the first chair of the Massachusetts Early Intervention Interagency Coordinating Council, Eunice helped shape the foundation for a system which continues to individualize supports and services to young children and their families. Eunice is a former member of the interdisciplinary faculty team at Northeastern University, preparing students in five disciplines to be Early Intervention Specialists.

The Shishmanian Grants are funded by Early Intervention Training Center, Division of Early Intervention, Bureau of Family Health and Nutrition at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

General Grant Information

Lifelong learning is essential to those involved in Early Intervention (EI); seasoned EI professionals, program directors, and students new to the EI system. By participating in opportunities to learn and grow we enrich our work. Specifically, we strengthen our ability to support the dreams and aspirations of families and EI providers. By building our knowledge and skills we are better able to enhance the ability of families and our Early Intervention system. The Shishmanian mini Grant provides a unique opportunity to obtain assistance for further professional development.

Shishmanian mini grants provide those involved in the Mass Early Intervention System with funding to enhance their professional development while supporting the Massachusetts Early Intervention Mission and Key Principles. Applicants may propose...

  • Enrollment in a course or professional development opportunity
  • A research or professional development project
  • An apprenticeship related to the needs of young children and their families,
  • Directed learning to expand their knowledge and skills in a particular area of Early Intervention.

Applicants may apply as individuals or as a collaborative group.

The primary goal of these mini grants are for practitioners to take advantage of professional development opportunities, and, secondarily, to share learning and resources with their EI program/agency and or the broader Mass EI system. DPH supports professional development that is research proven and relevant to mission and key principles of Massachusetts Early Intervention.

Grants will be awarded for use from December 2018 through June 2019. Funds should be used in their entirety to support the proposed project or professional development opportunity as well as activities and/or resources that support the sharing of learning. Funds cannot be used for capital improvements, purchase of equipment or furniture or purchase of food. Grants are taxable to the recipient. Applicants that are awarded a mini grant will be given up to $1,000 dollars at the start of their project and the rest of the funds will be awarded upon completion and reporting of the results of the mini grant.

** Please note grants are awarded to individuals not programs. Applications must be initiated and completed by that individual**

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Student Track

Who can apply?

Grants are awarded to individuals enrolled in an accredited college or university program leading to a degree in Early Intervention, early childhood development, special education, nursing, speech and language pathology, social work, physical therapy, occupational therapy or psychology. Grants are awarded in conjunction with the applicant's internship or practicum in an Early Intervention program certified by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. The practicum/internship must be at least 300 hours.

Grants may also be awarded to individuals employed in a Massachusetts DPH Certified Early Intervention program and enrolled in an academic program of study leading towards an advanced degree or an Early Intervention certificate. Again, these awards are granted in conjunction with the applicant's internship or practicum of at least 300 hours. For applicants currently working in Early Intervention their internship or practicum does not have to be at an Early Intervention site.

Recipient must use grant funds for tuition, fees, books or supplies related to their academic expenses. This funding for the Fellowships is free from tax.

Recipients must make a commitment to work in the Massachusetts Early Intervention system for at least one year after the completion of their grants. They are also expected to complete all aspects of the grant when applying and accepting grant funding.

Download an MS Word version of the application and information

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Please email complete application by October 26, 2018 to:

Emily Webb

*Incomplete or late applications will not be reviewed*